Pacific Harvest Seafoods is a huge proponent of sustainably and environmentally sound business practices.

Pacific Harvest Seafoods is always conscious of the environment and the health of our oceans. Our company encourages proper management and sustainable harvesting of fishery resources by working with organizations that promote responsible practices. We recognize that education about proper fisheries management will make a difference in the future of the seafood industry. We believe that we are all responsible for helping to protect the ocean and its resources. Therefore, we offer a full range of sustainable finfish and shellfish in addition to our regular product line, and encourage our customers to buy environmentally friendly products. As consumers, we can all make choices that can make a difference. When you purchase seafood from fisheries using ocean-
friendly methods, you reward their actions and encourage other fisheries to operate responsibly.

Pacific Harvest employs "green" practices whenever possible. Our new facility has been built with materials that provide a sustainable, ecologically sound means of doing business:

  • The use of man-made materials like gypsum, fiberglass, and concrete in our construction, no wood products that can contribute to deforestation
  • All demolished building materials were recycled, nothing went to landfill
  • The use of energy efficient equipment
  • Future plans include solar panels and windmills to lesson use of electricity
  • We do not use chemicals when cutting and packaging our seafood; our processes are environmentally safe.

We are all defined by our choices. Pacific Harvest Seafoods chooses to contribute to a safe and healthy environment.

We hear it all the time, in all sectors of the food business...
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